Our facilities management service offers effective and efficient coordination of spaces within each property, minimizing risk and avoiding unnecessary costs.

We continually ensure that critical services run smoothly and efficiently. We guarantee the safety and well-being of each user. Our service is constantly evolving to meet all the needs of each property.


We know that service downtime is not an option.
We have the knowledge, experience and the necessary commitment to continuously guarantee the functioning of the facilities with energy efficiency. We look at risk management and resilience, helping clients to prioritize and protect building vulnerabilities.


Taking a hands-on approach, we prepare reports on compliance levels, along with guidance and advice on any health and safety issues related to the property.

Operational management property

Coordination of the opening of each property with the implementation of the entire operation

Coordination of preventive maintenance and emergency repairs

Monitoring of renovation and expansion works for owners and tenants

Supervision of inspections and audits

Safety and security management

Coordination of the Emergency Plan with simulations

Waste Management

Establishment of institutional relations with Civil Protection and Municipalities

Contracting of suppliers

Preparation of the specifications

Supervision and evaluation of suppliers

Preparation and management of common charges

Defined and managed the
service charges budget and forecast

Implementation of investment plans

Preparation of technical Investment Plans

Long term business plans